Candelarias Spices
A Family Owned and Operated Business.

In 1987, Candelaria's Spice Mixes were developed from a family recipe with strong encouragement from our son Daniel.

Our son, Daniel, at the age of 5 was diagnosed with Diabetes.  He really enjoyed eating these salsas because they are delicious, easy to prepare, and most important, they have no sugars or preservatives.  This makes them a great choice for diabetics.

We have taken this family tradition and through trial and error, along with practice and patience, have created a traditional Southwest Flavor with a flair that fits today's fast-paced taste.

Years of experience have given us the knowledge to select the finest of the southwest chiles and other spices.  These spices are then prepared by grinding or crushing and then mixed with the strictest supervision. Samples are then taken and actually taste tested, to ensure a constant quality of excellent taste and texture.

Candelaria's Spices is now happy to offer this invariably fresh and flavorful taste to you.  We feel sure you will enjoy and delight in joining us along with the rest of our faithful "salsa loving" customers.

Ten percent of Candelaria's Spices' profits go to the Children's Diabetes Foundation in Denver, Colorado.  We are hopeful that this, along with many other donations, will assist researchers in finding a cure for Diabetes!

Prepared and shipped from Durango, Colorado, our spice mixes have found their way to many corners of the world, including these countries: England, Nicosea, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, the North Pole, and many other places.

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Robert, Jackie, Daniel, Andrea, Jeff
The Candelaria Family